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News Live Updates from Bollywood

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Kiran Rao-Directed ‘Laapataa Ladies’ Assures Genuine Storytelling About Indian Grassroots | Movies News

New Delhi: Aamir Khan Production has unquestionably delivered unforgettable films. Not only do these films hold a special place in our hearts,...

Strides Pharma sells its manufacturing site in Singapore for $15 million, according to ET...

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Richa Chadha to be bestowed with prestigious French Award for global cinema contributions, following...

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‘Collaboration vital in maintaining Sepsis management and AMR balance’, ET HealthWorld

KNOW AMR, a campaign initiated by Pfizer, aims to address the problem of antimicrobial resistance and safeguard the efficacy of antimicrobial treatments....

Stunning at 40: Crucial alterations in lifestyle to appear and feel your finest |...

Observing abrupt modifications in the body can come as an unwelcome surprise. The sudden buildup of...

Akshay Kumar and Mohit Suri’s upcoming project, titled Psycho, for Rohit Shetty; filming is...

The latest news reveals that Akshay Kumar and Mohit Suri are collaborating for an upcoming action...
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