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News Live Updates from Bollywood

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Updates on Weekend Ka Vaar in Bigg Boss 17, Day 12: Salman Khan Highlights...

New Delhi: Prepare yourself for uninterrupted entertainment and drama in Colors' 'Bigg Boss' with an intense 'Weekend Ka Vaar' hosted by none...

Inside the youthful mind: An up-close look at childhood depression | Health

Understanding Childhood Depression Total disinterest. Unconsolable misery. Gloomy, colorless days, and even tougher nights. Until very recently, it was believed that only adults...

Kartik Aaryan explores Dagdusheth Halwai Ganesh temple in Pune; check out pictures : Bollywood...

Kartik Aaryan is currently occupied with the shooting of filmmaker Kabir Khan's ambitious project Chandu Champion, a biopic on sports. The actor...

‘Collaboration essential in balancing Sepsis administration and AMR’, ET HealthWorld

KNOW AMR is an initiative by Pfizer aimed toward addressing the rising drawback of antimicrobial resistance. This initiative focuses on elevating consciousness, selling...

Ancient Knowledge Part 21: Maintaining Blood Pressure and Improving Digestion; Rewards of Cardamom |...

Attention readers: Ancient Knowledge is a collection of manuals that illuminates timeless wisdom that has benefitted people for generations with traditional solutions...

Mission Raniganj, Starring Akshay Kumar, Emerges as the Top Movie to Watch in October...

October witnessed the release of Pooja Entertainment's highly anticipated film 'Mission Raniganj' featuring Akshay Kumar. This movie has successfully captivated the audience...

FDA cautions about administering probiotics to premature infants following the death of a baby,...

New Delhi: The US Food and Drug Administration is cautioning healthcare providers...
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