Job postings indicate Apple is committed to generative AI


Major technology companies like Google and Microsoft have already begun incorporating generative AI capabilities into their products and services. However, Apple has been lagging behind in this area. Nevertheless, the tech giant is now taking this next-generation technology seriously and looking to integrate it into its devices.

Apple’s initial foray into AI was seen in the iOS 17 autocorrect feature, which was based on the “Transformer” model. The company’s second initiative in this direction is the availability of numerous job positions related to generative AI roles.

If you search for keywords such as AI or generative AI on Apple Career pages, you will find many job opportunities. One role involves working on an internal developer experience platform based on Generative AI. The individual will collaborate with Machine Learning engineers, Software engineers, and other data scientists to deliver complete AI-enabled solutions for this platform.

AI in iPhones and iPads

According to Apple analyst Mark Gurman, the company is planning to introduce generative AI-powered features in its devices, including iPhones, iPads, and others. The company executives were caught off guard by the sudden surge in the AI industry and have been working diligently since late last year to catch up.

It’s worth noting that Apple products already incorporate AI technology. Siri, the machine learning-based virtual assistant, is available on all major Apple offerings, including iPhones, iPads, MacBooks, the Homepod smart speaker, and more.

AppleGPT and Ajax LLM

Earlier this year, there were reports that Apple had developed a large language model (LLM) that forms the underlying technology of AI models. This LLM, called Ajax, powers a chatbot named “Apple GPT” and is undergoing testing to ensure its functionality. Apple is now exploring how to incorporate this technology into its products.

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