Huge Boss 17 Day 10 Authored Updates: Mannara Chopra Collapses As Twist Around Food Industry Triggered Fights | Television News


New Delhi: Another noteworthy day unfolded in the Bigg Boss house, with competitors engaging in dramatic incidents, scuffles, and intense conversations. Needless to say, who can overlook the shirtless Abhishek, who constantly captures attention. Introducing a twist to the game, Bigg Boss proclaimed that participants would now cook solely for their own housemates. And there’s more. To amplify the challenge, Bigg Boss introduced a confined window of just three collective hours per meal, during which all three houses had to prepare nourishment. Not surprisingly, this resulted in conflicts among the competitors over nourishment.

The anticipated ‘Egg Fight’ made a comeback, as the three houses divided the eggs in advance. During a serene conversation at night, Sana and Abhishek ended up in a bitter argument over some casual remarks. Suddenly, Soniya became aggressively intense and hurled acrimonious comments at Sana.

When the new policies had already taken effect, Mannara unintentionally consumed bread from the portion of another team, which opposed Bigg Boss’ new strategy. Since all the houses had to share the cooking time, Ankita Lokhande’s house was unable to efficiently prepare food. Touched by sympathy, Rinku’s house offered them food. However, to their disappointment, Bigg Boss took offense and decreased the kitchen time from 3 hours to just 1 hour. Yes, now the three houses only have one collective hour to prepare food.

In another brawl, Ankita referred to Mannara as ‘Bachi’, which deeply wounded Chopra. She ended up in tears and experienced a rollercoaster of emotions. Subsequently, Ankita and Aishwarya attempted to be cunning by making rotis before the designated kitchen opening time. As a consequence, Bigg Boss further decreased the kitchen time by 12 minutes!

As the competitors delve deeper into the game, the enjoyment and drama have only just commenced, as new relationships form, bringing both exhilaration and disappointment. Keep watching Bigg Boss 17.

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