Doona! Review: Bae Suzy and Yang Se Jong’s intense love story serves as a reminder of the challenges celebrities face


The latest sensation from South Korea Doona! is not your typical, sentimental show but a subtle reminder of the realities of life. Director Lee Jung-hyo, known for his work on dramas like ‘Crash Landing on You’ and ‘Romance Is a Bonus Book’, presents an unconventional tale in Doona!, which revolves around a powerful love story.
Doona! begins with the glamorous world of a female K-Pop band, with adoring fans cheering them on. In an instant, the protagonist Doona (Bae Suzy) finds herself submerged in deep water, symbolizing her struggle with loneliness and anxiety. Having left her band Dream Sweet, Doona spends her days smoking until the male lead, Lee Won-jun (Yang Se Jong), comes into her life.


As Lee Won-jun (Yang Se Jong) tries to win over his teenage crush, Kim Jin-ju (Shin Ha-young), he unknowingly falls for Doona (Bae Suzy). Yang Se Jong’s portrayal of a shy, caring friend (or rather, boyfriend), who provides solace to the troubled star, sets a new standard for ideal partners. Living a secluded life, Doona finds comfort in her relationship with Won-jun, and their passionate romance leaves audiences captivated. From their first brief kiss to moments of jealousy and steamy romantic scenes, director Lee Jung-hyo establishes himself as one of the best directors in the romantic drama genre.
The relationship between Jin-ju and Won-jun feels like a warm embrace, but it is threatened by the possibility of intimacy. On the other hand, the chemistry between Doona and Won-jun is fiery, intense, and palpable! Won-jun’s bubbly childhood friend, Choi I-ra (Park Se-wan), and his two housemates, Goo Jeong-hoon (Kim Do-wan) and Seo Yun-tae (Kim Min-ho), provide much-needed lighthearted relief amidst the passionate romance of the main characters.
Won-jun plays a pivotal role in reshaping Doona’s outlook on life, which she emotionally confesses during a heated moment. However, their love is not centered around being together, but rather finding happiness in each other’s success. Doona! is a departure from the typical chaebol dramas and glamorous settings; it blends the struggles of everyday life with the challenges faced by celebrities. If you’re seeking a happy ending, this drama may not be for you. But if you’re a sucker for tender moments, a soft-hearted protagonist who can make your heart flutter, and endearing friendships, then Doona! is the perfect choice for you.

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