India to experience rapid 5G acceptance, claims recent survey


A new global survey by Ericsson Consumer Lab has revealed that approximately 31 million users in India are projected to upgrade to 5G smartphones in 2023

The widespread adoption of 5G technology in India is expected to occur in the forthcoming years.

Based on technological attitudes and affordability, a new global survey conducted by Ericsson Consumer Lab reveals that approximately 31 million users in India could potentially upgrade to 5G smartphones in 2023, presenting a significant opportunity for further 5G adoption in the country.

According to the study, which was released on 3 October, 5G users in India distinguish themselves by their high level of engagement with applications, such as streaming HD video, video calling services, mobile gaming, and augmented reality. On average, they spend an additional two hours per week utilizing these services compared to users in other early adopter 5G markets, such as the United States, the United Kingdom, South Korea, China, and various others.

The report, titled 5G value: Turning performance into loyalty, also indicates that 1 out of 5 users are willing to pay a premium of 14% for innovative services and differentiated 5G connectivity.

According to a press release, the satisfaction levels of 5G in India and the perceived availability of 5G match or exceed those in early adopter markets. India possesses an exceptional 13% higher proportion of 5G users who are “very satisfied” compared to the average of the early adopter market. Overall satisfaction increases significantly by 30% when transitioning from 4G to 5G, with higher download speeds playing a pivotal role in driving this satisfaction, adds the release.

The survey also emphasized that the performance of 5G in crucial locations significantly influences user satisfaction and switching decisions. Users who experience connectivity problems at event venues are three times more likely to consider changing service providers in the next six months. Conversely, a positive 5G experience in important locations, such as during transit or at home, can quadruple satisfaction, according to the survey findings.

Jasmeet Singh Sethi, the head of Ericsson Consumer Lab, states that approximately 39% of the polled 5G consumers believe that increased data allowances in their 5G plans would justify premium rate charges from communication service providers. He further states, “Interestingly, about 24 percent of 5G consumers polled express a clear preference for differentiated Quality of service (QoS) over 5G. Rather than settling for generic, best-effort 5G performance, these users are actively seeking elevated and consistent network performance, especially tailored for demanding applications and specific key locations. The research shows that one in five smartphone users are willing to pay an average premium of 14 percent for 5G rich app bundled plans or QoS-led offerings.”

The survey also identified several 5G use cases that strongly resonate with Indian consumers, who are also willing to pay an additional amount for these services. Some of these services include 3D/AR Books Digital Library, 5G creator package, 5G optimized mobile gaming, immersive replays, enhanced event experience, and so on.

The new Consumer Lab Study was conducted earlier this year and represents the opinions of 1.5 billion consumers across 28 global markets. In India, the survey reflects the viewpoints of 50 million 5G users and 250 million consumers across tier 1-3 cities. Globally, 10,000 active 5G users were interviewed, encompassing 650 million 5G users worldwide.

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