Martin and Francesca Scorsese, TikTok’s Dynamic Duo


“Alright, I will watch one of his movies,” a commenter stated. “Oh my god, love witnessing this aspect of him,” wrote another.

His light-hearted tone in these videos stands in contradistinction not only to his films, recognized for their haunting and violent themes, but also to some meditations he has made in his recent interviews. When GQ inquired him about his personal mortality in September, Scorsese mentioned that he pondered on it all the time. “I was an exceptional collector, an exceptional obsessive glutton for cinema and books, and now they all have to go away,” he expressed. “Once you realize that you need to let go and you are going to die, everything changes.”

Offering a complete portrayal of Martin Scorsese to the public is a significant component of why his daughter incorporates him on social media and why, years ago, she urged him to commence an Instagram account, so the public could not only observe him at work but also catch a glimpse of family photos and see him with his dogs. There is also a less visible aspect of his life, which is his role in taking care of his wife and Francesca’s mother, Helen Morris, who has Parkinson’s. “He is much more private about that stuff,” Francesca stated. “People would assume it’s this lavish, glitz and glamour lifestyle. But then, on the other hand, he is in and out of hospital visits with her.”

Some of that life experience was channeled into “Fish Out of Water,” her thesis film at N.Y.U., which revolved around a young mother who has an opportunity to reconnect with her estranged family after she is approached by her father with news of her mother’s deteriorating health.

While Martin Scorsese initially dipped a toe into social media on Instagram, it was the introduction of TikTok that has enabled Francesca to provide the world with an alternative perspective on her father, she affirmed.

“It’s genuinely amazing to witness that one of the most remarkable filmmakers, he is not just this prominent star that people perceive — I mean, he is — but he is also an entirely ordinary individual who strolls around in his pajamas, plays with his dogs and simply assists his daughter with her math assignments if he can,” she said. “People adore witnessing that aspect of him.”

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