Gandhi Jayanti 2023: Everything About Bapu’s Voyage of Life


New Delhi: In this Gandhi Jayanti lets recapitulate everything About Bapu’s Voyage of Life. The globe is observer to Mahatma Gandhi’s contribution. In the end, he was a symbolic figure in India’s desire for independence and a symbol of nonviolent resistance. He was born on October 2, 1869, in the coastal town of Porbandar, located in the western Indian state of Gujarat. His birthplace, now acknowledged as Kirti Mandir, stands as a revered national monument.

Gandhi’s early life in Porbandar was profoundly affected by the principles of simplicity and humility inculcated by his devout Hindu family. He received his primary education in Porbandar and later in Rajkot, another city in Gujarat. After completing his early education, Gandhi embarked on a transformative journey to England to study law.

In London, he enrolled at the Inner Temple, one of the four Inns of Court, to pursue his legal education. It was during this period that he developed a sharp comprehension of the British legal system and sharpened his skills as a lawyer.

In 1891, Mahatma Gandhi accomplished the milestone of becoming a barrister. This designation indicated that he was qualified to practice law in British courts. Equipped with his legal credentials, he returned to India, hoping to establish a prosperous legal practice. However, he faced difficulties in constructing a successful career as a lawyer in India. Therefore, he chose to venture to South Africa in 1893, where his life experienced a significant turn.

In South Africa, Gandhi found himself facing the deep-rooted racial discrimination encountered by the Indian community residing there. His experiences of unfairness and discrimination ignited his passion for social justice and civil rights. Gandhi’s dedication to these causes motivated him to organize protests and campaigns aimed at securing equal rights for Indians in South Africa.

Gandhi’s transformative journey from a barrister in England to a leader of civil rights in South Africa laid the foundation for his crucial role in India’s struggle for independence. His commitment to justice, truth, and nonviolence later inspired millions and made him a global symbol of peaceful resistance.

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