Vivek Oberoi’s former business associate Arrested


The Mumbai Industrial Development Corporation (MIDC) police have recently detained Sanjay Saha, the owner of an event management firm and a former business partner of renowned actor Vivek Oberoi, on allegations of defrauding the actor of approximately Rs 1.55 crore, according to a report by the Indian Express. Two other suspects connected to the case remain at large.

Vivek Oberoi's ex-business partner arrested for allegedly duping him of Rs 1.55 crore

Vivek Oberoi’s ex-business partner arrested for allegedly duping him of Rs 1.55 crore

Vivek Oberoi’s company, Oberoi Mega Entertainment LLP, authorized CA Deven Bafna to file a police complaint in July, accusing the partners of Anandita Entertainment LLP, including Sanjay Saha, Nandita Saha, Radhika Nanda, and others, of engaging in fraudulent activities. Sanjay Saha was apprehended on Sunday.

The actor’s complaint alleges that the accused convinced him to invest in an event management and film production company, promising significant profits. However, it is claimed that the accused later misused the funds for personal gain.

Based on Oberoi’s representative’s complaint, the MIDC police have filed charges against Saha, his mother Nandita, and Radhika under various sections of the Indian Penal Code, including sections 406 (breach of trust), 409 (breach of trust by a public servant, banker, merchant, or agent), 420 (fraud), and 34 (common intention).

The collaboration between Vivek Oberoi and Sanjay Saha commenced in 2020 when he and his wife, Priyanka, were contemplating closing their company, Oberoi Organic LLP. At that point, Oberoi entered into a partnership with Saha in the event management business within the film industry.

According to the police complaint, the name of Oberoi Organic LLP was changed to Anandita Entertainment LLP, as mutually agreed upon. This new entity was established for organizing events in the film industry and film production. Sanjay Saha, Nandita, and Radhika were also included as partners in Anandita Entertainment LLP, while Priyanka Oberoi resigned from her position.

Within six months, Vivek Oberoi dissociated himself from Anandita Entertainment LLP, transferring his 33.33 percent stake and position to his company, Oberoi Mega Entertainment LLP.

By November 2021, the actor had invested Rs 95.72 lakh in Anandita Entertainment LLP. Subsequently, in February 2021, they initiated the production of the film Ganshe, with actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui signing on and receiving a payment of Rs 51 lakh from Oberoi.

However, a thorough examination of investment records in early 2022 allegedly revealed Saha’s misuse of the funds. The firm’s manager’s account appeared to support this discovery upon inquiry by Oberoi.

Saha, Nandita, and Radhika purportedly diverted a total of Rs 58.56 lakh from the company’s funds for personal expenses, including insurance premiums, jewelry purchases, salaries, and more, as stated in the FIR. Additionally, Oberoi reportedly discovered Saha’s establishment of another company, “Anandita Studios Pvt. Ltd.,” and misrepresentation to Zee5 regarding the production of Ganshe.

Upon learning about this fraud, Oberoi informed actor Siddiqui, who promptly reimbursed Rs 51 lakh to Oberoi, as mentioned in the police complaint. The complaint further alleges that Saha and the other individuals involved misappropriated Rs 60 lakh, which constituted payments received for Oberoi’s guest appearances at various events and programs.

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