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New Delhi: The latest episode started with Abhishek crying in bed. Apparently, Abhishek felt insecure because of his ex-girlfriend Isha Malviya. Consequently, he had a heated argument with Isha. As a result, he gives up and expresses his desire to leave the house. Surprisingly, Abhishek confesses to being extremely possessive of Isha whenever he is sad and she is happy simultaneously. 

Angry with the atmosphere of the house, Bigg Boss rearranges the living arrangements. In a fascinating twist, Bigg Boss gave the Dum house residents a special privilege to witness the nomination process today. The Dimaag house nominated 8 participants secretly observed by the Dum contestants. Subsequently, the Dil house selected 6 out of the 8 nominated participants. 

Vicky Jain showed great diplomacy by manipulating everyone into nominating Aishwaya and Neil from their house. As a result, the house ended up nominating Khanzaadi, Aishwarya, Neil, Soniya, Tehelkabhai, and Sana. 

After the nominations, Aishwarya called Tehelka ‘two-faced’. Sana confronted Mushawar for his harsh poetry. Meanwhile, Navid admitted to holding a lot of anger towards the participants, but Khanzaadi reminded him that nobody should be trusted. 

Towards the end of the episode, Tehelka bhai retaliated against Aishwarya for calling him ‘two-faced’. Neil got angry. Vicky and Ankita had another argument when he was talking to Sana. Then, Khanzaadi and Sana had a bitter fight while discussing the duties. 

With Bigg Boss making powerful moves, the game is becoming more interesting in the house. Keep watching Bigg Boss 17. 

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