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New Delhi: Pooja Batra is an Indian performer and model who has appeared in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, and Punjabi films. She is furthermore a past Miss India Asia Pacific. Batra is notorious for her fearless personality and her readiness to express her opinion, which has led her to be involved in a number of contentions throughout her career.

Five Most Memorable Controversies Of Pooja Batra:

‘Mahabharata’ Genetics

Pooja Batra co-wrote a book called ‘The Mahabharata Genetics’ with her ex-husband Dr Sonu Ahluwalia in 2001. The book was faced with controversy for its claims that the ‘Mahabharata’ was based on real incidents and that the characters in the epic were genetically related to each other. The book also made assertions about the genetics of the Indian people, which were disputed by many scholars.

Lord Ganesha’s Surgery

In 2002, Pooja Batra made a controversial statement on television that Lord Ganesha’s elephant head was the outcome of a plastic surgery procedure. The statement sparked outrage among Hindus, who accused Batra of being insensitive to their religious beliefs. Batra later apologized for her statement.

The Sacredness of the Cow

In 2006, Pooja Batra wrote an article for a magazine in which she criticized the Hindu practice of cow worship. She argued that cows were simply animals and that there was nothing holy about them. The article sparked a debate about the role of religion in Indian society.

Marriage to Nawab Shah

Pooja Batra was accused of concealing her marriage with actor Nawab Shah. In 2019, the performer admitted that the two tied the knot in a secret private ceremony and are married. Rumors were there that Pooja and her first husband Sonu had marital disputes over embracing parenthood, however, there was no confirmation to this.

Support For ‘Black Lives Matter’ Movement

In 2020, Pooja Batra publicly supported the Black Lives Matter movement. She posted a message on social media in which she condemned racism and police brutality. The message was met with some criticism from people who felt that Batra should not be interfering in American politics. Batra has defended her right to speak out on social issues and has said that she will continue to support the Black Lives Matter movement.

It is important to note that Pooja Batra has been a vocal critic of religious extremism and intolerance. She has also spoken out against discrimination against women and minorities. She is a strong advocate for social justice and equality.

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