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How to Handle Unfavorable Thoughts: 10 Optimistic Ideas


When we are not overwhelmed with work, we tend to spend time with our own reflections. We contemplate how the day transpired, what went awry, the past or regrets in life. If not that, we fret about the future. If something doesn’t go as planned, individuals tend to believe they will never measure up or are not capable of executing tasks correctly. However, if you excessively fixate on the aspects of life that left you dissatisfied, you won’t be able to relish the present. So, instruct your negative thoughts to depart so that you can experience happiness. Continue reading to discover how you can manage unfavorable thoughts.

Unfavorable thoughts can be caused by various factors such as previous encounters, stress, anxiety, or underlying mental health conditions, declares Dr Pallavi Joshi, Consultant psychologist at Sri Balaji Action Medical Institute Delhi. It is crucial to consider these factors when attempting to comprehend why certain individuals have persistent unfavorable thoughts.

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Methods to manage unfavorable thoughts?

Prior to acquiring skills to cope with unfavorable thoughts, it is essential to identify them. This involves self-awareness and monitoring your internal dialogue. You can also search for patterns of self-criticism, pessimism, or irrational fears. Here’s what you can do:

1. Mindfulness

Cultivating mindfulness can aid you in observing your thoughts without any judgment. This will enable you to let go of negativity that has been festering in your mind.

2. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

This is a therapeutic approach that assists in identifying and challenging negative thought patterns and substituting them with more positive ones, states the expert at Health Shots.

3. Positive assertions

Utilize positive statements to counteract negative self-talk and enhance your self-esteem and confidence. According to a study published in the US National Library of Medicine in 2013, the words that we select wield significance, so uttering positive brief quotations can assist in combating stress.

4. Gratitude journaling

You need not be a skilled writer to possess a personal journal. Routinely jot down things you are grateful for to shift your focus from negativity to positivity.

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Woman with negative thoughts
Exercise to cope with negative thoughts. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

5. Physical exercise

Exercise is not solely about shedding pounds or building muscles. It is also recognized to release endorphins, which are deemed natural mood elevators. Thus, it can aid in combating unfavorable thoughts as well.

6. Social support

Engage in conversation with your companions, family, or a therapist regarding your unfavorable thoughts. Sharing can provide emotional solace and diverse outlooks. However, they must be empathetic and supportive.

7. Limit exposure to negativity

The world is replete with negativity, and you encounter it in newspapers or websites or witness it on TV. Nonetheless, strive to minimize exposure to adverse news, social media or toxic environments that may trigger unfavorable thoughts.

8. Self-care

It is commendable to care for your family members, but do not neglect to partake in activities that benefit yourself as well. You should prioritize self-care endeavors such as obtaining sufficient sleep, consuming nutritious meals, and engaging in hobbies that bring you joy.

9. Establish realistic objectives

Whether it pertains to fitness or work, having objectives in life is imperative. However, harboring unrealistic expectations can lead to unfavorable thoughts. Hence, establish attainable goals to avoid unnecessary stress.

10. Ponder your qualities

Do not disregard the positive attributes and concentrate on your strengths. If you find yourself embracing unfavorable thoughts about your actions or personality, consider something you appreciate about yourself or a commendable deed.

If unfavorable thoughts persist and impede your everyday life, contemplate seeking assistance from a mental health professional.

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