Britney Spears Claims She Was Permitted To Consume “Practically Nothing But Chicken And Canned Vegetables” For 2 Years


Britney Spears Claims She Was Permitted To Consume 'Practically Nothing But Chicken And Canned Vegetables' For 2 Years

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According to a report by People, pop vocalist Britney Spears divulged that her father enforced a strict diet on her during her “conservatorship”. The global superstar argued in her newly published autobiography ‘The Woman in Me’ that her father, Jamie Spears, authorized her to consume “practically nothing but chicken and canned vegetables” for a duration of two years. In her memoir, Britney Spears wrote, “Regardless of how much I restricted my diet and engaged in physical activity, my father always criticized my weight. He enforced a strict diet on me. The ironic part was that we had a butler, which was considered luxurious, and yet I would plead with him for real food.”

As stated by People, the Lucky crooner clarified that she attempted to persuade the butler to clandestinely provide her with a hamburger or ice cream, but he declined due to “strict orders” from her father. She elaborated, “As a result, for two years, I subsisted primarily on chicken and canned vegetables.” She further noted, “Two years is an extensive period of time to be deprived of the freedom to consume what you desire, particularly when it pertains to your body, your profession, and your mental well-being, which are the means by which everyone around you sustains their livelihoods.” She concluded, “I found it to be extremely demeaning.”

Though Britney Spears has alleged that her father’s control was traumatizing, Jamie, who is now 71, has consistently maintained that his actions were in his daughter’s best interests.

“I hold an immense love for my daughter,” he conveyed in an interview with the Daily Mail in 2022. “They’ve heard Britney’s accusations. I am willing to bear that burden because I am aware that it is unfounded, and because I do not wish to ignite further conflict.”

On Tuesday, Spears expressed gratitude to her fans on social media, as her memoir, The Woman in Me, was officially launched, and declared that her book is already a monumental triumph. “It’s happening!!! My memoir is the top-selling celebrity autobiography in history, and it’s only the first day!!!” began her Instagram post caption. “I would like to extend my thanks to the fans who have offered unwavering support!!! I love you all!!! #TheWomanInMe @gallerybooks @simonandschuster.”

The caption was accompanied by a photo of the book’s cover featuring the words, “My story. On my terms. Finally,” along with a promotional video. In the days leading up to the book’s release, Spears revealed in a separate post on Instagram that she did not write her memoir with the intention of “offending” anyone, as reported by People.

“The purpose of my book was never to cause any offense,” she stated in a note published last week. “That was who I was then… and it remains in the past!!!”

Spears emphasized that the majority of the events she writes about in the book took place two decades ago. “I have progressed, and now I possess the opportunity for a fresh start,” she asserted. “I am determined to maintain this trajectory throughout the rest of my life! Either way, that’s the end of it and unpleasant experiences occur!!”

The pop icon expressed that writing her memoir provided her with a sense of closure. “Hopefully, I can provide solace to those who often feel isolated, hurt, or misunderstood,” explained the Toxic singer. “Once again, my intention behind this book was not to dwell on my past encounters…,” reported People.

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