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In recent times, there has been a worrying surge in student suicides in India and the pressures of academic life, social obstacles, and mental health problems are all contributing factors to this alarming trend. As a society, it is our combined obligation to address this crisis and work towards creating a safer and more supportive environment for our students.

8 suggestions to prevent the rising tide of student suicides (Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash)
8 suggestions to prevent the rising tide of student suicides (Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash)

During an interview with HT Lifestyle, Dr Jyoti Kapoor, Founder-Director and Senior Psychiatrist at Manasthali, proposed 8 effective methods to halt the increasing suicides in students and cultivate a culture of mental well-being –

1- Enhance Awareness and Decrease Stigma

One of the most notable obstacles to addressing student suicides is the stigma connected with mental health problems. It is crucial to enlighten students, teachers, parents, and the community at large about the significance of mental health and the reality of student stress and depression. This can be accomplished through school-wide campaigns, workshops, and open discussions, creating a secure space for students to share their experiences and concerns without fear of judgment.

2- Strengthen Support Systems

Establishing a strong support system within schools is vital in preventing student suicides. Schools should employ guidance counselors and mental health professionals who are accessible to students. Creating peer support groups and mentoring programs can also provide students with trusted individuals to turn to in times of distress.

3- Promote a Healthy Work-Life Balance

Many students succumb to stress due to an overwhelming emphasis on academic achievements. It’s important to promote a well-rounded approach to education. Schools can reduce excessive homework loads, encourage physical activity, and emphasize the importance of hobbies and interests beyond the classroom.

4- Train Teachers and Staff

Educators are often at the forefront when it comes to identifying struggling students. Offering training programs for teachers and staff on recognizing signs of distress, providing initial support, and referring students to appropriate resources can be crucial in preventing suicides.

5- Encourage Open Communication

Cultivating an environment where students feel at ease discussing their feelings is critical. Schools can implement initiatives like mental health awareness weeks, peer-to-peer mentoring, and anonymous reporting systems to facilitate open communication.

6- Involve Parents and Guardians

Parents play a significant role in a student’s life. Schools should actively engage parents in discussions about student well-being and provide them with resources to recognize signs of distress in their children. Building a strong partnership between schools and parents can create a more holistic approach to student mental health.

7- Monitor Online Activities

In today’s digital era, online interactions can significantly impact students’ mental health. Schools should educate students about responsible internet usage and cyberbullying prevention. Additionally, parents should be vigilant about monitoring their children’s online activities and engaging in open conversations about online experiences.

8- Foster a Positive School Culture

A positive school culture can significantly influence students’ mental well-being. Schools should promote inclusiveness, kindness, and empathy among students. Implementing anti-bullying programs and conflict resolution strategies can help create a safer and more supportive environment.

Dr Jyoti Kapoor concluded, “Preventing the increasing rate of suicides among students is a complex challenge that requires the collective efforts of schools, parents, communities, and mental health organizations. By raising awareness, reducing stigma, and providing a comprehensive support system, we can collaborate to create a safer and more nurturing environment for our students. It is our shared responsibility to ensure that no student feels alone in their struggle and that they have access to the help and support they need to flourish.”

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