OnePlus Unveiled review: The uncompromising flexible phone we’ve been anticipating


The OnePlus Unveiled is a flexible smartphone that has attracted attention in the year of 2023, which has witnessed a surge in the popularity of foldable devices. While Samsung has released a slightly upgraded version of their Galaxy Z Fold, all focus was on OnePlus and their Unveiled foldable to disrupt the market. After utilizing the OnePlus Unveiled for more than two weeks, I was pleasantly amazed by its performance.

The construction and design of the OnePlus Unveiled are impressive. As OnePlus has close connections to parent corporation Oppo, they were able to leverage Oppo’s engineering expertise, including their Flexion Hinge. The device feels well-constructed and premium, with a chassis and frame made of an aerospace-grade alloy for durability without any extra weight. The design also incorporates a grippy vegan leather back panel, which provides a secure hold.

Despite being a foldable, the OnePlus Unveiled is surprisingly slim, measuring 11.9mm when closed and 5.9mm when unfolded. It weighs 239g, giving it the feeling of a typical phone when using it in its closed position. The front screen has a 20:9 aspect ratio and gives the impression of a regular phone, unlike the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 with its awkwardly slim front screen.

When unfolded, the OnePlus Unveiled reveals a spacious 7.82-inch OLED display with no visible crease in the middle. The hinge allows the device to remain unfolded at any angle between 45 and 150 degrees, providing versatility for different use cases. The OnePlus Unveiled is also IPX4-rated for splash resistance and has undergone testing for up to a million hinge operations.

The device features two OLED screens with 2K resolutions, 120-Hz refresh rates, and support for HDR10+/Dolby Vision. The OnePlus Unveiled operates on Android 13/OxygenOS 13.2 and is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, 16GB of RAM, and 512GB of storage, ensuring seamless performance.

OnePlus has introduced a unique multitasking feature called Open Canvas, which enables users to run up to three apps simultaneously in a split-screen view. This feature enhances productivity and provides a seamless multitasking experience. The battery life of the OnePlus Unveiled is impressive, easily lasting over a day with heavy usage, and it supports 67W fast charging.

The camera capabilities of the OnePlus Unveiled are also deserving of attention. It is equipped with a 48MP Sony LYTIA-T808 sensor (with optical image stabilization), a 48MP ultrawide/macro lens, and a 64MP telephoto lens. The device also features two front-facing cameras, one on the front screen and one inside the foldable display. The cameras produce detailed photos with satisfactory levels of bokeh. However, there might be some limitations in brightly lit conditions and excessively exposed shots.

Overall, the OnePlus Unveiled stands out in the foldable smartphone market. Its build quality, design, display, multitasking capabilities, battery life, and camera performance make it an appealing choice for users seeking a high-end foldable device.

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