A curved phone for your wrist? Simply take a look at what Motorola unveiled


It is surprising to witness the prevalence of foldable smartphones nowadays. Technology that was once regarded as revolutionary and impractical has now become widespread, with every brand presenting its own version of a foldable or flip smartphone. Recent releases, such as the Oppo Find N3 Flip, Google Pixel Fold, and OnePlus Open, serve as clear evidence of this trend. However, one technology that has only been observed in prototypes and has yet to enter the consumer market is curved smartphones.

Yet, this might change soon, as Motorola has introduced its latest conceptual device: a curved smartphone that can be wrapped around your wrist. Let’s delve deeper into it.

Motorola exhibits concept phone

During the Lenovo Tech World 2023 event, Motorola, a subsidiary of Lenovo, unveiled the most recent iteration of its prototype curved smartphone. Motorola first introduced the concept of a curved “wrist” phone at the 2016 Tech World event. Since then, the device has primarily been kept under wraps. However, Motorola has now taken the opportunity to reveal the new concept and showcase some of its features.

As per the company’s claims, the device features an FHD+ pOLED display that expands to a complete 6.9-inch panel when laid flat. It can also be adjusted to a self-standing position, reducing the display size to 4.6 inches. In its curved form, the smartphone can be wrapped around your wrist to provide a similar experience to the external display on the Motorola Razr+ for staying connected on the go.

A visible fabric is present on the back of the device, presumably added to enhance comfort during extended periods of wear.

Motorola states, “This adaptive display concept further builds upon the display and mechanical innovations from our foldable and rollable devices in both the smartphone and PC categories.”


Although the curved concept showcased by Motorola is impressive, it remains merely a prototype, and not all prototypes progress to the production stage. Foldable smartphones have only recently become common, despite being introduced around five years ago. Therefore, it is probable that it will take a few more years before we witness curved smartphones being worn on wrists.

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