Zoomtopia 2023: Zoom Docs to challenge Microsoft, Google Docs?


Zoom Video Communications reveals Zoom Docs, its Google Docs competitor, at Zoomtopia 2023

During its annual conference, Zoomptopia 2023, Zoom Video Communications introduced Zoom Docs, an AI-powered workspace aimed at addressing the challenges of hybrid work environments.

On 3 October, in California, United States, the company announced its new competitor to Google Docs. Zoom Docs is described as the “next-gen way of collaborating,” with AI at its core.

Just last month, Zoom also unveiled Zoom AI companion, a generative AI digital assistant that is available to users with paid accounts at no additional cost. Smita Hashim, Zoom’s chief product officer, stated in a press release that the company is disrupting the pricing model of generative AI to make it more accessible to users. The introduction of Zoom Docs further expands on this goal and positions Zoom as an all-in-one platform powered by AI.

“With Zoom Docs, teams can foster faster collaboration, while breaking down silos and seamlessly integrating into the Zoom interface that users already know and love,” said Hashim in a recent press statement.

Zoom Docs offers traditional document features and also allows users to create wikis and manage workflows without leaving the Zoom platform. It seamlessly integrates with third-party apps, enabling users to add content from Zoom meetings to their documents using Zoom AI.

With the assistance of the Zoom AI companion, users can modify Zoom Docs’ tone, summarize content, and brainstorm ideas. The AI companion also aggregates information from Zoom meetings and team chats, making it easier to share information across the platform, as outlined in the company’s blog.

Content blocks can be used to add information to customizable layouts and workflows. Table blocks aid in data organization, project management, task tracking, and scheduling through columns, filters, and grouping, according to the statement.

Zoom Docs facilitates collaboration in between meetings by allowing users to add comments to shared documents, assign tasks, and ensure everyone stays on track. Additionally, users can create, edit, and search for Zoom Docs content within meetings, team chats, and the Zoom desktop, web, and mobile apps.

Zoom Docs is expected to be launched in 2024.

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