At least 32 individuals perished in a multi-vehicle collision on the thoroughfare in Egypt


On a foggy Saturday (October 28) morning, a passenger bus collided with an immobile vehicle on a highway linking the capital city of Egypt, Cairo, with the city of Alexandria on the Mediterranean coast. The incident resulted in the demise of no fewer than 32 individuals, according to authorities.

The collision involving multiple cars, some of which caught fire, also caused injuries to at least 63 individuals, as reported by the Health Ministry. Ambulances were immediately dispatched to the scene of the accident on the Cairo-Alexandria desert road to transport the wounded to nearby medical facilities.

Media outlets stated that the bus was en route to Cairo when it collided with the stationary vehicle. Subsequently, other vehicles crashed into the bus, with some of them also igniting in flames.

Videos circulating online depict numerous charred vehicles at the roadside, with firefighters working diligently to put out the fires. In one of the footages, several vehicles were engulfed in flames, emitting thick plumes of smoke.

The state-controlled newspaper al-Ahram mentioned that a total of 29 vehicles were involved in the collision, which occurred in the town of Nubariya, approximately 160kms north of Cairo.

According to local reports, the Egyptian Meteorological Authority had cautioned about severe fog on the highways a day prior to the incident.

Every year, deadly traffic accidents claim thousands of lives in Egypt, a country with a compromised transportation safety reputation. The majority of these collisions are caused by speeding, inadequate road conditions, and insufficient traffic law enforcement.

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