Israel Releases Interrogation Videos, Alleges Hamas Utilized Gaza Hospital


Israel Releases 'Interrogation' Videos, Claims Hamas Used Gaza Hospital

Israel unveiled videos of two alleged Hamas individuals being interrogated

New Delhi:

Israel has unveiled two videos of what it asserts to be the questioning of “Hamas militants” to demonstrate that the Gaza Strip organization has used the largest hospital in the Palestine region for military purposes.

Israel stated today that its clash with Hamas has “entered a new stage” as the army relentlessly attacked Gaza three weeks into a conflict sparked by the deadliest assault in the country’s history.

Israel’s military accused Hamas of utilizing hospitals in Gaza as command centers for directing assaults, which Hamas rejected.

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) spokesperson posted two videos on X, formerly Twitter, alleging that they have additional proof of Hamas utilizing the Shifa Hospital in Gaza for “terrorist activity”.

“The two militants were engaged in the vicious slaughter on October 7 in southern Israel. It is worth noting that the IDF and ISA have also shared further intelligence on the matter with Western officials in the intelligence community,” the IDF declared. ISA refers to Israel’s Internal Security Agency.

In the video, one of the alleged Hamas individuals is heard stating, “Shifa, for instance, there are underground levels. Shifa is not small. It is a large place that can be used to conceal things.”

The alleged Hamas individual is also heard saying that they hide in clinics, schools, hospitals, and other similar locations to elude Israel’s targeting.

The United Nations cautioned that thousands more civilians could perish as Israel escalated its ground operations in the Hamas-controlled Palestinian area, where rescuers claimed that intense overnight bombardment obliterated hundreds of buildings.

The Hamas-controlled health ministry in Gaza reported that Israeli strikes have killed 7,703 individuals, predominantly civilians, with over 3,500 of them being children.

The conflict is the fifth and deadliest in Gaza since Israel unilaterally withdrew troops and settlers from the Palestinian territory in 2005.

UN human rights chief Volker Turk warned about “the potentially catastrophic consequences of large-scale ground operations in Gaza,” indicating that “thousands more civilians” could perish.

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