New AI-Enabled Features Unveiled by Google Maps


Maps from Google now offer an array of additional functionalities, including a more comprehensive navigation map and innovative search options.

Google continually evolves its exploration and navigation tools, introducing novel features such as Immersive View, which was announced during Google I/O 2023 in May. Now, leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) at its core, Google has added numerous enhancements to its Maps application, including a more detailed navigation map and innovative search options.

With the recent addition of the Immersive View feature for routes, users can now preview their routes before commencing their journeys. By tapping the Immersive View preview, individuals can access a multidimensional view spanning from start to finish, as stated in a blog post by Google. Detailed visual, turn-by-turn directions enable users to prepare for every turn, while the time slider facilitates planning the optimal departure time based on simulated traffic and weather conditions. The immersive view for routes will be introduced in select cities such as Amsterdam, Las Vegas, London, Los Angeles, New York, and Paris this week, accessible on both Android and iOS platforms.

Another notable capability, Lens in Maps (previously known as Search with Live View), utilizes the power of AI and augmented reality to assist users in navigating new cities more effectively and discovering local attractions. By tapping on the Lens icon in the search bar and raising their phones, users can gather information regarding nearby ATMs, transit stations, restaurants, gas stations, and stores, as explained in the blog post. Lens in Maps will now be accessible in over 50 additional cities, including Austin, Las Vegas, Rome, São Paulo, and Taipei.

Google is also addressing the concerns of electric vehicle owners regarding charging stations. Users can now obtain more useful information about charging stations, such as compatibility with their vehicle and the charging speed options (fast, medium, or slow), allowing them to find the most suitable charging station that meets their needs. Additionally, users can check when chargers were last used to avoid wasting time on dysfunctional chargers.

The search function in Google Maps is evolving to provide more comprehensive answers and facilitate the exploration of various activities. For example, when users search for specific items like the “best place to find a pizza costume for Halloween,” they will receive photo-first results. These results are based on the analysis of photos shared by the Google Maps community, powered by AI and advanced image recognition models. By tapping on a photo in the results, users can access further information, including directions to the place, as stated in the blog post.

Users in certain countries, like the UK, will also benefit from better-organized search results, including thematic place suggestions. This new search method will be implemented in France, Germany, Japan, the UK, and the US this week, with plans for further expansion to additional countries in the future.

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