How to enhance your house party with technology


Personalize QR codes for your Wi-Fi network, and a selection of speakers and soundbars to amplify the music

We have all experienced that moment when guests attending a party want to connect to the Wi-Fi. Repeating your Wi-Fi network’s name—and password—multiple times can be tiresome. QR codes can simplify the process.

Creating a QR code for your Wi-Fi network is simple using online Wi-Fi QR code generators. There are numerous websites that allow you to generate such codes, including platforms like Wix and QRCode Monkey—these tools are free to use and also provide options to customize the QR codes in various ways.

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Once you have selected a website, you will need to enter your wireless SSID (service set identifier, a technical term for your network name), password, and choose an encryption level, such as WPA/WPA 2. After entering these details, you can generate and download the QR code. You can print this QR code and utilize it for your party or save it in your phone gallery. You no longer have to repeatedly provide the password to everyone. It’s simple!

To scan the QR code, you can use the built-in scanner in your camera app (which is available on most new smartphones) or use third-party apps like Google Lens. Most phones also enable you to share Wi-Fi details directly from the device.

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Soundbars and speakers

No party is complete without a set of high-quality speakers – for your favorite music – and a reliable soundbar – to enhance your favorite video content. Here’s a glance at two options.

Marshall Middleton: Looking for something portable to create some noise? The Marshall Middleton Bluetooth speaker is sufficiently loud for both indoor and outdoor usage. With a durable IP67 dust- and water-resistant construction, the speaker can withstand any environment and offers up to 20 hours of playback time. Available on; 31,999.

Sonos Arc: Featuring Dolby Atmos technology, the Sonos Arc soundbar includes upward-firing drivers that deliver a more immersive soundstage. With 11 internal speakers and two dedicated height channels, the Sonos Arc disperses sound in every direction, resulting in more detailed and accurate audio. Available on; 99,999.

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