Hamas Holds Supply of Food, Water and Fuel As Gazans Scrounge for It


Amidst the scarcity of almost every basic human necessity in Gaza, one organization in the besieged enclave remains well-prepared: Hamas.

According to Arab and Western officials, Israeli claims of Hamas hoarding supplies, including urgently needed food and fuel, are valid. They assert that Hamas has spent years constructing numerous tunnels beneath the strip where they have accumulated stockpiles of virtually everything necessary for a prolonged battle. Should Israel follow through on its threat to invade Gaza, it will face this reality.

Hamas possesses hundreds of thousands of gallons of fuel for vehicles and rockets, along with caches of ammunition, explosives, and materials for manufacturing. Additionally, officials confirm that they have amassed stockpiles of food, water, and medicine. A senior Lebanese official stated that Hamas, with an estimated number of 35,000 to 40,000 members, could sustain fighting for three to four months without resupplying.

One of the four Israeli hostages released by Hamas even attested to the group providing captives with medicine, shampoo, and feminine hygiene products. These items are currently extremely scarce in Gaza, over two weeks since the terrorist attack on October 7th prompted Israel, with the assistance of Egypt, to enforce a “complete” blockade.

The Arab and Western officials who revealed Hamas’s supply situation spoke anonymously due to the nature of the information they disclosed, which was acquired from human sources, intercepted communications, and other intelligence channels. They cautioned that obtaining precise details regarding Hamas’s supplies was challenging, as they are typically stored underground.

Despite the blockade causing the roughly 2 million people in Gaza to struggle with meager food and water supplies, it has not yet significantly weakened Hamas’s capacity to fight. The group has launched hundreds of rockets at Israel since the start of the blockade and has successfully repelled initial Israeli incursions into the enclave.

The abundance of supplies underscores the relative proficiency of Hamas as a combat force. It aligns with the military adage that while amateurs focus on tactics, professionals prioritize logistics. However, with Gazans confronting a humanitarian catastrophe, Hamas’s stockpiles raise concerns about its responsibility, if any, towards the civilian population.

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