Dozens Apprehended For Closing New York’s Grand Central Over Gaza Truce


Dozens Apprehended For Closing New York's Grand Central Over Gaza Truce

The extensive protest was organized by the group Jewish Voice for Peace-New York City

New York:

Friday witnessed the detention of dozens of individuals as law enforcement authorities dispersed a large gathering primarily composed of Jewish New Yorkers who had taken control of the main hall of Grand Central station to oppose Israel’s bombardment of Gaza, as stated by the police and organizers. At least 200 individuals were apprehended, according to the New York Police Department, while protest organizers estimated the number to be over 300.

Images from the location depicted lengthy queues of young people restrained in handcuffs while wearing black sweatshirts bearing the phrases “Not In Our Name” and “Cease Fire Now” in white font.

The extensive protest was organized by the group Jewish Voice for Peace-New York City, which claimed that thousands of its members partook in the rally, effectively obstructing the primary area of the city’s central rail station.

Pictures showcased the terminal filled with protesters who raised banners that read “Palestinians should be free” and “Mourn the dead, fight like hell for the living.”

Organizers referred to this peaceful occupation as “the largest act of noncompliance witnessed in New York City in 20 years.”

Initiating the event, rabbis illuminated Shabbat candles and recited the Jewish prayer for the deceased, known as the kaddish.

“Although Shabbat is generally regarded as a day of rest, we cannot afford to rest while genocide is unfolding in our names,” stated Rabbi May Ye, as conveyed by organizers.

“The lives of Palestinians and Israelis are interconnected, and security can only be attained through justice, equality, and freedom for all,” emphasized the rabbi.

Israel commenced its bombardment of Gaza in response to the incursion conducted by Hamas militants across the border on October 7, resulting in the death of 1,400 individuals, predominantly civilians, and the abduction of over 220 others, according to Israeli officials.

The Hamas-run health ministry confirmed on Friday that Israeli strikes in Gaza had caused 7,326 casualties, including more than 3,000 children.

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